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The base image for jenkins slave using public java image.
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Jenkins Slave Dockerfile


The image includes default example ssh key.
So, if you run this image without custom key option and publish ssh port, all of people can login.

It is very dangerous that exposed ssh port publishes globally.



$ docker pull mizunashi/jenkins-slave


$ git clone
$ cd docker-jenkins-slave
$ make build



$ make quickstart

The ssh key to login jenkins-slave is in ./ssh-keys directory.

And, linked jenkins container:

$ docker run -d --name myjenkins-sl mizunashi/jenkins-slave
$ docker run -d --name myjenkins --link myjenkins-sl:myjenkins-sl jenkins

Then, you must be also setup jenkins slave.

Using custom authorized_keys:

$ docker run -d --name myjenkins-sl \
  -e AUTHORIZED_KEYS_URL='https://your domain/your keys' \


$ docker run -d --name myjenkins-sl \
  -e AUTHORIZED_KEY_STRING='your key string' \

Require Environments

Value type:

  • CONST - Contant value. Dockerfile provided. You can use entrypoint, building run or etc.
  • SETTABLE - Settable value. You can set the value when docker run with -e or --env option.
Name Type Description
JENKINS_WORKUSER CONST Setted jenkins. This is work username for SSH login.
JENKINS_WORKSPACE CONST Setted /var/jenkins_ws. This is work user's home dir.
SETUP_DIR CONST Setted /var/cache/jenkins. This is to lie setup files.
AUTHORIZED_KEY_STRING SETTABLE If this value was setted, docker make jenkins's authorized_keys this value.
AUTHORIZED_KEYS_URL SETTABLE If AUTHORIZED_KEY_STRING was not setted and this value was setted, docker download and make jenkins's authorized_keys this value.

If either AUTHORIZED_KEY_STRING or AUTHORIZED_KEYS_URL was not setted, docker use example key.

It is very dangerous!! So, you must set either one.

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