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TapTinder client Docker image
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Docker Automated build of TapTinder Client

Docker files and scripts for TapTinder client installations.

See for more info.

Join irc:// with your IRC client or use Web interface.

Docker image

Available on

Fast start

# download, create and run 'myttc' container
docker run -i -t --name myttc mj41/tt-client:latest

Docker intro

See Using Docker

# to see your Docker containers
docker ps -a

# stop, start already created 'myttc' container
docker stop myttc
docker start myttc

# to see console (new output, similar to --follow mode)
docker attach myttc


# to create 'myttc-exp' and run Bash there
docker run -i -t --name myttc-exp mj41/tt-server:prod /bin/bash

# start TapTinder server --vl 5

# run already created 'myttc-exp' container
docker start -i myttc-exp
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