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Clustered haproxy
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This is build from the dockerfile/haproxy but adds some environment parsing and linked containers to allow the ha proxy to automatically setup up load balanced clusters based on the host name.

Environment Variables:

HACLUSTER_CLUSTERNAME : The host names of the clusters

CLUSTERNAME_PORT: The port exposed by the linked container.

CLUSTERNAME_LINKS: A comma separated list of linked containers that will be in the load balanced cluster.


docker run -p 80:80 -t -i --link test1:test1 --link test2:test2 --link test3:test3 -e -e -e TEST1_CLUSTER_PORT=80 -e TEST2_CLUSTER_PORT=8080 -e TEST1_CLUSTER_LINKS=TEST1 -e TEST2_CLUSTER_LINKS=TEST2,TEST3 mjgillespie/haproxy

The example flow creates 3 links, test1, test2, and test 3 and puts them into 2 clusters: and

  • TEST1: Responds to Routes traffic to the linked container test1 to the container's exposed port 80.
  • TEST2: Responds to Routes traffic to the linked containers test2 and test 3 over the container's port 8080 and load balances the traffic.

Next up will be adding an overridable configuration.

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