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Docker implementation of iRODS iCommands
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iRODS iCommands in Docker

  • 4.2.2 - Debian:stretch based (16.04 Xenial iRODS packages)
  • 4.2.1 - Debian:jessie based (14.04 Trusty iRODS packages)
  • 4.2.0 - Debian:jessie based (14.04 Trusty iRODS packages)
  • 4.1.11 - Debian:jessie based (14.04 Trusty iRODS ftp deb files)
  • 4.1.10 - Debian:jessie based (14.04 Trusty iRODS ftp deb files)
  • 4.1.9 - Debian:jessie based (14.04 Trusty iRODS ftp deb files)
  • 4.1.8 - Debian:jessie based (14.04 Trusty iRODS ftp deb files)

Note: iRODS icommands require a pre-existing iRODS server to connect to as the icommands image does not provide any iRODS services of it's own. Most examples provided herein additionally make use of the irods-provider-postgres docker image running in a docker network named irods_nw.

$ docker network create \
    --driver bridge \
$ docker run -d --name=provider \
    --network=irods_nw \
    --hostname=provider \
    mjstealey/irods-provider-postgres:4.2.2 \
    -i run_irods

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Pull image from dockerhub

$ docker pull mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest

Build locally

$ cd irods-icommands/4.2.2
$ docker build -t icommands-4.2.2 .


An entry point script named that is internal to the container will have the provided arguments passed to it.

Default argument is:

  • ihelp: show brief help
$ docker run --rm \
    --network=irods_nw \
The iCommands and a brief description of each:

iadmin       - perform iRODS administrator operations (iRODS admins only).
ibun         - upload/download structured (tar) files.
icd          - change the current working directory (Collection).
ichksum      - checksum one or more Data Objects or Collections.
ichmod       - change access permissions to Collections or Data Objects.
icp          - copy a data-object (file) or Collection (directory) to another.
ienv         - display current iRODS environment.
ierror       - convert an iRODS error code to text.
iexecmd      - remotely execute special commands.
iexit        - exit an iRODS session (opposite of iinit).
ifsck        - check if local files/directories are consistent with the associated Data Objects/Collections in iRODS.
iget         - get a file from iRODS.
igroupadmin  - perform group-admin functions: mkuser, add/remove from group, etc.
ihelp        - display a synopsis list of the iCommands.
iinit        - initialize a session, so you don't need to retype your password.
ils          - list Collections (directories) and Data Objects (files).
ilsresc      - list iRODS resources.
imcoll       - manage mounted collections and associated cache.
imeta        - add/remove/copy/list/query user-defined metadata.
imiscsvrinfo - retrieve basic server information.
imkdir       - make an iRODS directory (Collection).
imv          - move/rename an iRODS Data Object (file) or Collection (directory).
ipasswd      - change your iRODS password.
iphybun      - DEPRECATED - physically bundle files (admin only).
iphymv       - physically move a Data Object to another storage Resource.
ips          - display iRODS agent (server) connection information.
iput         - put (store) a file into iRODS.
ipwd         - print the current working directory (Collection) name.
iqdel        - remove a delayed rule (owned by you) from the queue.
iqmod        - modify certain values in existing delayed rules (owned by you).
iqstat       - show the queue status of delayed rules.
iquest       - issue a question (query on system/user-defined metadata).
iquota       - show information on iRODS quotas (if any).
ireg         - register a file or directory/files/subdirectories into iRODS.
irepl        - replicate a file in iRODS to another storage resource.
irm          - remove one or more Data Objects or Collections.
irmdir       - removes an empty Collection
irmtrash     - remove Data Objects from the trash bin.
irsync       - synchronize Collections between a local/iRODS or iRODS/iRODS.
irule        - submit a rule to be executed by the iRODS server.
iscan        - check if local file or directory is registered in iRODS.
isysmeta     - show or modify system metadata.
iticket      - create, delete, modify & list tickets (alternative access strings).
itrim        - trim down the number of replicas of Data Objects.
iuserinfo    - show information about your iRODS user account.
ixmsg        - send/receive iRODS xMessage System messages.
izonereport  - generates a full diagnostic/backup report of your Zone.

For more information on a particular iCommand:
 '<iCommand> -h'
 'ihelp <iCommand>'

iRODS Version 4.2.2                ihelp

Environment variables

Note: We have previously launched a daemonized instance of irods-provider-postgres:latest and have specified the container name as provider on the irods_nw network as described above.

The default environment variables of the icommands container are set to talk to the default configuration of the provider container.

# default iRODS env
# iinit parameters
# UID / GID settings

The user can override any envronment varaible by passing in an environment file to the container on start up. A file named sample-icommands.env has been provided as an example of this.

  • File: sample-icommands.env


Using the sample-icommands.env file, run the ils command:

$ docker run --rm \
    --env-file=$(pwd)/sample-icommands.env \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest ils

About UID/GID: The docker container will operate internally as a user named irods with a UID:GID = 998:998. If the UID_IRODS and/or GID_IRODS variables are defined differently by the user, the container will attempt to operate using those values. This is useful when retrieving data and wanting to keep the UID:GID the same as the user defined on the host system

$ docker run --rm \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest id
uid=998(irods) gid=998(irods) groups=998(irods)

$ docker run --rm \
    -e UID_IRODS=12345 \
    -e GID_IRODS=54321 \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest id
uid=12345(irods) gid=54321(irods) groups=54321(irods)

Example iCommands


The icommands container has an internal volume named /local as its starting point. We want to volume mount the files from the host to be in the scope of the containers /local directory.

SE Linux users should note that volume mounts may fail, and may require a :z or :Z at the end of their volume defintion.

  • -v $(pwd):/local:z


  • Generate a 10 MB sample file
  • iput the sample file into the iRODS provider container
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=test-file.dat  bs=1M  count=10
10+0 records in
10+0 records out
10485760 bytes (10 MB) copied, 0.0104086 s, 1.0 GB/s

$ docker run --rm \
    -v $(pwd):/local \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest iput test-file.dat

$ docker run --rm \
        -v $(pwd):/local \
        --network=irods_nw \
        mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest ils -Lr
  rods              0 demoResc     10485760 2017-11-13.20:57 & test-file.dat
        generic    /var/lib/irods/iRODS/Vault/home/rods/test-file.dat    


Retrieve the test-file.dat file using iget into a new host directory name output

$ mkdir output

$ docker run --rm \
    -v $(pwd)/output:/local \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest iget test-file.dat

$ ls -alh output
total 20480
drwxr-xr-x@  3 xxxxx  xxxxx    96B Nov 13 16:00 .
drwxr-xr-x@ 10 xxxxx  xxxxx   320B Nov 13 16:00 ..
-rw-r-----   1 xxxxx  xxxxx    10M Nov 13 16:00 test-file.dat


The example configuration acts as the rods administrative user in the provider container and has permissions to perform iadmin level commands.

Make users bob (rodsuser) and alice (rodsadmin).

$ docker run --rm \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest iadmin mkuser bob rodsuser

$ docker run --rm \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest iadmin mkuser alice rodsadmin

$ docker run --rm \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest iadmin lu

$ docker run --rm \
    --network=irods_nw \
    mjstealey/irods-icommands:latest iadmin lu alice
user_id: 10020
user_name: alice
user_type_name: rodsadmin
zone_name: tempZone
create_ts 2017-11-13.21:07:25
modify_ts 2017-11-13.21:07:25
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