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Docker Present

This project is a simple Dockerfile that does a go get for the present tool and makes it easy to run the present tool anywhere.


Running it directly

Run it directly by mounting a volume with the location of your .slide files
docker run -d -p 3999:3999 -v /mylocalslides:/app mkboudreau/go-present

If you need to run it on a host that has a different externalized host/ip, then pass you can pass in the environment variable EXTERNAL_HOST and it will set the value into the go present tool.

Running with the EXTERNAL HOST variable
docker run -d -p 3999:3999 -v /mylocalslides:/app -e "EXTERNAL_HOST=" mkboudreau/go-present

Baking your presentation

If you'd like to bake in your slides and make them really portable, all you have to do is put a Dockerfile alongside your slides. Your Dockerfile only needs one line: FROM mkboudreau/go-present:latest-onbuild

docker build -t <yourrepo>/<yourtag> .

Then just run your baked presentation with or without the -d
docker run -d -p 3999:3999 <yourrepo>/<yourtag>

Customizing the bake

If you need more control over your prebaking, if your slides are in some nested directory or something, simply use FROM mkboudreau/go-present:latest instead of onbuild and then use COPY <your actual dir> /app

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