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The famous kanban board 'libreboard' in a working docker image.
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# start db
docker run -d --name libreboard-db mongo
# start app
docker run -d --name libreboard-app \
  --link "libreboard-db:db" \
  -e "MONGO_URL=mongodb://db" \
  -e "ROOT_URL=http://yourdomain.tld" \
  -p 8080:80 \


A Kanban board to organize teams online with the Kanban principles.

Based on libreboard.

This Fork

Created a fork of original libreboard sources to ensure a certain stable version for deployment and distribution.

The Changes

Stable Docker Image

Due to some reason I'm not quite sure yet, the git binaries are not included or not within the executable PATH if built via Docker.

I was able to build the original within different environments, but somehow in others - regretfully my desired production environments - it didn't work with acceptable stability.

So I created new docker-meteor image where this Libreboard Docker image is inheriting from.

Global Admin

First user registering at this libreboard is now the one and only global admin.

Global admin is the only one allowed to add new boards.


The user handling is more tolerant now - means it tries twice to ensure a certain user and his/her permissions.

CAVE: I'm aware that this is only a workaround for a scoping problem - but I need it to work right now, so feel free to help me.


Several minor styling changes have been done. See the commit log for details.

Language Files

As German native speaker I created a new de language file that will be used by this image by default. To get back to original switch to 'de_at'.


"LibreBoard is an open-source kanban board that let you organize things in
cards, and cards in lists. You can use it alone, or with your team and family
thanks to our real-time synchronisation feature. Libreboard is a land of liberty
and you can implement all sort of workflows on it using tags, comments, member
assignation, and many more."

Find it at Github.

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