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A small PHP container with Phalcon pre-installed
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A small Docker container for PHP with the Phalcon framework installed.


Two versions are maintained - one for PHP5 and one for PHP7. Both have the latest version of Phalcon installed. Tags are of the form $PHP_VERSION-$PHALCON_VERSION.

tag versions
latest, 7.0.15-3.0.3 PHP 7.0.15 Phalcon 3.0.3
5.6.30-3.0.3 PHP 5.6.30, Phalcon 3.0.3

What is PHP?

PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development.

Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world.

What is Phalcon?

A full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C-extension

Its innovative architecture makes Phalcon the fastest PHP framework ever built!

Why use this?

  • You want a fast, lightweight PHP image (which is significantly smaller than the official image)
  • You want to use the Phalcon framework without messing with compilation or PPAs
  • Everything else is dockerized, why not this?

Image Usage


This image can be built by using the build script in the root of this repository. The PHP and Phalcon versions can be modified with the variables in the script.


You can run this image as a PHP command line:

docker run mkorcha/phalcon php somescript.php

CLI phpinfo can be accessed via:

docker run mkorcha/phalcon php -i

All basic PHP command line tools are available.


By default this image runs PHP-FPM. It uses similar configuration to that of the official PHP image.

docker run -d --name="php-fpm" -v .:/var/www mkorcha/phalcon

You can also extend the image and place your project in the container directly, if you prefer.

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