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-EXPIRED- Dockerfile to setup Ookla's Speedtest Mini server based on Alpine
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docker: speedtest-mini

This is a Docker image to run Apache2 and Ookla's Speedtest Mini application for benchmarking network performance.

Speedtest Mini has been discontinued by Ookla. This image has expired and is no longer usable.
If you need a web based speed test to test your local network, I suggest you take a look at my other image based on OpenSpeedTest.


  • Runs as non-root user
  • Small image size
  • Small number of layers

Total size of this image is:

Pulling from Docker hub

If you want to obtain the image from Docker registry, you can use the following command:

docker pull mlabbe/speedtest-mini

Running the image

In order to start the speedtest-mini container, use the following:

docker run --restart=unless-stopped --name=speedtest -d -p 80:8080 mlabbe/speedtest-mini

You can also use a different port if you want. You can keep the default built-in ports inside the container and just map them to different ports on the host, e.g.:

-p 8081:8080

At that point, you can use your Docker server as a Speedtest Mini server to begin
benchmarking your network speeds, e.g.:



The Speedtest Mini application usually expire after some time so you may need to update the image even though there is no newer build on Docker Hub.

Upgrading the application inside the Docker image is easy. Just pull the image again from Docker Hub, then stop/remove the container and create it again. It will download the newer zip file while rebuilding:

docker pull mlabbe/speedtest-mini
docker stop speedtest
docker rm speedtest
docker run --restart=unless-stopped --name=speedtest -d -p 80:8080 mlabbe/speedtest-mini
Docker Pull Command

Comments (5)
15 days ago

The zip file from Ookla expired again so this image is no longer usable until they release a new version (which is not likely to ever happen).

Once again I suggest you use my other image (OpenSpeedTest) as a replacement for this one.

3 months ago

Wait! Oookla just released a new version so this image is working again! :)

3 months ago

I released a new image (mlabbe/openspeedtest) based on OpenSpeedTest as a replacement for this one.

3 months ago

Unfortunately, Speedtest Mini is being discontinued by Ookla :(

"As of June 30, 2017 Speedtest Mini will no longer be available, and all current licenses will expire. We encourage you to upgrade to Speedtest Custom for free at your earliest convenience.".

However, while Speedtest Custom looks nice, it requires an expensive Premium subscription to be able to use it on our own network so it's not a usable free alternative to test speed on local network like Speedtest Mini.

I'm currently looking for an altenative.

You can also use my other iperf or iperf3 images to do similar speed test. It works great (and much more accurate than Speedtest Mini on gigabit LAN) but require downloading an executable and run client from command line instead of just clicking a button on a web page.

a year ago

If your container doesn't work on next upgrade, please note that the container's exposed port changed from 80 to 8080 to allow running as non-root user. You will need to change your docker run command accordingly.