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Dockerfile for mTango server.
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mTangoSDK (mobile Tango Software Development Kit)'s main goal is to give
developers tools for rapid development of web/mobile tango applications.

For more information please visit

How to use this image

A running instance of Tango is required to use this image. Pass the mandatory
TANGO_HOST variable during container creation:

docker run -it --rm --name tango_mtango \
  -e TANGO_HOST= \

The database will be configured automatically for these settings:

  • class: TangoRestServer
  • instance: development
  • device: test/rest/0

mTango is deployed at the ROOT context path (/). By default the server
listens on port 8080. Visit following url in your browser
http://{container-ip}:8080/rest/rc3. You should see:


You may pass following variables to the container:

  • PORT_AJP (default 8009)
  • PORT_HTTP (default 8080)
  • PORT_SHUTDOWN (default 8005)
  • REST_USER (default tango)
  • REST_PASSWORD (default tango)
  • GROOVY_USER (default groovy)
  • GROOVY_PASSWORD (default groovy)
  • ADMIN_USER (default admin)
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD (default admin)


  • Thanks vishnubob for the
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