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UniFi controller for Raspberry Pi
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This is a barebones Docker image for the UniFi Controller, allowing it to run on a Raspberry Pi. This was specifically tested on a Raspberry Pi 1, model B.

Because it takes forever to build images on a real RPi, the docker images have been split into a 'base' image (containing apt-get packages over top of the base image) and the 'unifi' image.

Between the base image and the unifi image, you'll need about 1GB free.

Example Usage

docker run -d \
    -p $UNIFI_IP:8080:8080 -p $UNIFI_IP:8443:8443 -p $UNIFI_IP:8880:8880 \
    -v /srv/data/apps/docker/unifi/data:/usr/lib/unifi/data \
    --name unifi --net=host -t mmastrac/unifi-rpi:$VERSION
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