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bridge communication between slack and irc
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Docker container for slack-irc


git clone


Copy config.json.sample to config.json and edit. Info for config is at slack-irc and node-irc

    "nickname": "test",
    "server": "",
    "token": "slack_bot_user_OAuth_Access_token",
    "channelMapping": {
      "#slack": "#irc"
    "nickname": "test2",
    "server": "",
    "token": "slack_bot_user_OAuth_Access_token2",
    "channelMapping": {
      "#slack": "#irc"

Building and running

Build the docker container and run it with path to your config file:

docker build -t slack-irc-bridge .
docker run -d --init --restart=always -v /path/to/config/config.json:/slack-irc/config.json slackbridge

Info on docker parameters:

-d          Run detached
--init      Runs an init for slack-irc-bridge node app, helps running as PID 1 / SIGTERM signals
--restart   Always restart slack-irc-bridge if it exits and on docker engine startup
-v          Mount volume of config file to docker container using full directory path

Based off slackbridge

Docker Pull Command