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A customized build of Ubuntu with default locale setup as `en_CA.UTF8`.
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Mobify's Dockerfiles

This is Mobify's collection of Docker images and related assets. This can and
should be used for simple Docker builds and generic images that are used
across projects.

Each Docker build should be in its own directory to allow for automated builds
triggered by github pushes. This follows the general structure used across the
community and by the main Docker registries:
Docker Hub and Quay.

There's some more explanations about the recommended structure
on the Quay docs


Our logstash forwarder for the Brain service. It can be setup as a Heroku drain
and process the incoming logs into our hosted
logging service.


A base image for Mobify's logstash forwarder used to get logs from our projects
into It's based on the Dockerfile in the
logstash image on Docker Hub but
extends it with some additional grok patterns and a standardized way to load
the configuration.

Creating a custom configuration for a project should create a new Docker
using this as a base and extend it with configuration files that are
saved into /etc/logstash/conf.d/. Take a look at the brain-logstash-drain
image for inspiration.


A simple NGINX server that has redirects configured for certain domains and
deprecated domains or URLs.

We are using an ALIAS record in Dyn that points to a AWS ELB (loadbalancer)
that is setup to point to the NGINX server running in Docker Cloud. The reason
for this is that we can't run NGINX on port 80 due to our Heroku drain server
running on the same cluster and already being exposed on that port.

Note: we probably want to change the setup at some point and separate the
two clusters into separate one. But for now, this will do.


We are running a custom Heroku drain that allows us to feed the Heroku logs
into DataDog. You find more details in


A Dockerized conjob service that allows us to run some scheduled tasks. These
are mostly isolated, atomic task that clean up our CDN log storage and compacts
the logs passed into the AWS Elasticsearch service to prevent the cluster from
falling over.

We use Dead Man's Snitch for montoring of
succesful execution of those jobs.


A Dockerized Sphinx builder that can be used to either build the HTML
version of the Sphinx documentation or be run in development mode and re-build
the HTML documenation automatically, serving it at

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