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By default, /bin/sh is executed so run in an interactive shell:
docker run -it mobilelmu/blockchain_geth

Ethereum is pre-initialized, based on the custom genesis.json, but you need to create an account (etherbase) on first run and set a password inside the interactive shell:
./geth account new

Next, sync the blockchain!
./geth --networkid 2217 --nodiscover --verbosity 9 console

If you want to run a mining node, exit the console with "exit" and run again with:
./geth --networkid 2217 --nodiscover --verbosity 9 --mine console

From here, you can start experimenting, e.g. enable the json-rpc api:
1: Forward the geth rpc port 8545 of the docker container to your local (docker) host machine:
docker run -it -p 8545:8545 mobilelmu/blockchain_geth

2: Run get with enabled rpc on all interfaces
./geth --networkid 2217 --nodiscover --verbosity 9 --rpc --rpcaddr

For more info see:

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