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A container for nginx+navbar to act as a reverse proxy/static frontend server
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A navbar to unify the micro-frontends in use as ohmage 2.x clients. See integration below for a brief overview.

ohmage Integration/Installation

This codebase acts as an arbitor of frontend visits for users. It does this by providing a default "home page" that lists the frontends available for a given deployment as well as a static page-top navbar with links to these frontends. In addition, this navbar handles some user-related tasks: authentication, registration, password resets. It is intended to be run at the root of your web server / to catch all ohmage-related requests.

customizing available frontends

In order to customize the homepage and available frontends, a few simple models can be found at config/. You can override these as you wish to provide whatever lists/dropdowns/links you need. Take a look at config/mobilize.js to see how we've overridden the default config/ohmage.js model to customize logos, available frontends and links. Finally, you'll want to visit config.js at the root of this project to add a case to the switch(location.hostname) block to fit your hostname needs!


The code in this respository is open-source and licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. The full text of the license may be found at this link:

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