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Impex running image for a kuali student to load the data for the bundled-app container
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Generates an image containing the data base import files for bootstrapping the KSBUNDLED
database that the <a href="">mocleiri/ks-bundled-app</a> expects.

These are designed for work on a per build basis.

Start Oracle

$ docker run -d --name oracle wnameless/oracle-xe-11g

Run Impex

  $ docker run -i -t --link oracle:db mocleiri/bundled-impex:build-799

  ( after this runs the oracle container is setup and ready to use)

Create image from impex run

Note that this will create a large 5 GB image that is best suited for local work.

$ docker commit -a "Michael O'Cleirigh" -m "Commit build-799 impex" <container id for oracle>

$ docker tag bundled-impex-db:build-799 <image id emitted from the previous step>

(in the future you would be able to spin up the build-799 container as oracle directly)

Start build db image

$ docker run -d -t --name oracle bundled-impex-db:build-799 
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