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HTTP -> AMQP proxy layer


RabbitMQ is required. Reommended method of installation is Homebrew

brew install rabbitmq

Create the mithril_test database

createdb mithril_test

If you don't have RabbitMQ launched by default


The build/test cycle uses make and should not require specification of
a specific target:


This will execute the all target, which cleans, builds, runs Go tests,
and runs the black-box <q>golden</q> suite. Once some of the more
expensive one-time prerequisites are out of the way, the cycle should be
between 3-7 seconds. If your build cycle is taking considerably longer,
please file an issue.

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Tagging this repo will cause Travis CI to queue a build of the Dockerfile on on successful build. This build will be tagged as latest.


command not found: psql, or other failures related to PostgreSQL

In order to test the PostgreSQL integration, you will also have to have
a PostgreSQL server available. The default URI used by the tests is the
following, which requires the presence of a mithril_test database:


You may specify your own URI via the $MITHRIL_PG_URI env var, e.g.:

export MITHRIL_PG_URI='postgres://postgres@localhost?sslmode=disable'

no such file to load -- minitest/spec (LoadError) or syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ')'

Your Ruby interpreter is too old :smile_cat:. The test suite uses
minitest from the Ruby standard library as of version 1.9. If you
install either rvm or rbenv, they should detect the presence of the
.ruby-version file and instruct you accordingly (or explosively).

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