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Public image for NTX chiptainer_vu_meter image for use on CHIP Pro
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CHIPtainer Example: VU Meter

This is a Docker file for building a container that starts the "VU Meter" demo. This demo uses the on-board microphone and LED's found on the CHIP Pro Dev Kit. Source on github -

Simply run the Docker container, speak into the microphone, and watch as the lights respond to the sound of your voice.

Download the latest image:

docker pull modelb/chiptainer_vu_meter:master

Now run the Docker container, allowing access to the board's IO and sound hardware:

docker run --name vu-meter --privileged --cap-add SYS_RAWIO --device /dev/mem -v /sys:/sys -ti modelb/chiptainer_vu_meter:master

The demo should now be running. It will run for 10 audio samples and then exit on its own.

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