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A Jupyter Notebook with Zipline and Anaconda for testing trading ideas
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Zipline, Anaconda & Jupyter Notebook in Docker

Zipline is an algorithmic trading library written in Python, and Anaconda is a data science platform. Having Zipline and Anaconda in a Docker container is useful for testing trading strategies in Jupyter Notebook on your own computer.

Bring up Jupyter Notebook

docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 modernscribe/zipline

Then, view the notebook at http://localhost:8888.

This will save notebooks outside of the Docker container:

docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 -v $PWD:/root/notebooks modernscribe/zipline

You can find the running container's name like so:

docker ps -a

Then, you can use the container's name to connect to the running container if you'd like to run commands outside of the notebook.

docker exec -it <container name> bash

Bring up a notebook with Docker Compose

After getting the files from, run the following command to bring up Jupyter Notebook at http://localhost:8888. This will store notebooks and cached data outside of the Docker container.

docker-compose up -d
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