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Init's DynamoDB instance for Modli adapter
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Modli - DynamoDB Adapter

This module provides adapter for the DynamoDB
datasource for integration with Modli.


npm install modli-dynamodb --save

Working Locally

IMPORTANT: For testing (with linked services) to run correctly you must have docker and DevLab npm install devlab -g installed.


Configure your adapter and model

import { model, adapter, use } from 'modli';
import dynamodb from 'modli-dynamodb';

// Set your configuration
let dynamoConfig = {
  region: 'us-east-1',                // Your specific AWS Region
  endpoint: 'http://localhost:8000',  // Optional value to specify an end point
  accessKeyId: process.env.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID || '123456789',
  secretAccessKey: process.env.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY || '123456789'

Add an instance of the model where the autoCreate flag is used to determine if helpers.checkCreateTable() should automatically create the table from the model.

Use indexes to define a hash key, range key or global secondary indexes as desired.

The optional index key projectionType can specify a projection type of 'ALL', 'KEYS_ONLY' or 'INCLUDE'. Please note that the use of 'INCLUDE' also requires the index key nonKeyAttributes as an array of keys to include in the projection.

Both projectionType and nonKeyAttributes are optional values and the projection type will default to 'ALL' in their absence.

  name: 'roles',
  version: 1,
  autoCreate: true,
  indexes: [
    { keytype: 'hash', value: 'id', type: 'N'},
    { keytype: 'secondary', value: 'login', type: 'S', projectionType: 'INCLUDE', nonKeyAttributes: ['age']}
  schema: {
    id: { type: 'string' },
    name: { type: 'string' },
    age: { type: 'number' }

Add the adapter with the previously defined config object structure:

  name: 'dynamoAdapter',
  source: dynamodb,
  config: dynamoConfig

You can now use the adapter with the model with:

const testDynamo = use('roles', 'dynamoAdapter');



Gets a list of all active tables



Perform a full unfiltered scan of a table with an optional dynamo scan-level filter that doesn't rely on secondary indexes. Optional filters are constructed in a way that correlates to dynamo filter conditionals. In addition, optionally pass a limit and lastKey, which could be used to support pagination.


testDynamo.scan({email: {eq: ''}})

testDynamo.scan({accounts: {contains: 'someuser'}})

testDynamo.scan({firstName: { in: ['Ben', 'Tom']}})

testDynamo.scan({age: { between: [18, 26]}})

testDynamo.scan({accounts: {contains: 'someuser'}, email: {eq: ''}})

testDynamo.scan(undefined, {limit: 10})

testDynamo.scan({age: { between: [18, 26]}}, {limit: 25, lastKey: 'somekey'})


Pass through method that uses explicit dynamo creation params to create a table



Performs a deterministic create based on the specified schema. Will construct the creation query without additional input.



Deletes a table by specified object containing hash / value pair

testDynamo.deleteTable({TableName: 'myTable'})


Creates a new entry in the table specified in the schema

testDynamo.create({HASH:Value, SomeIndex: OtherValue})


Performs a deterministic read on a table by hash / value pair OR secondary index / value pair{HASH: SomeValue})
  .catch(/*...*/);{SOMEINDEX: SomeOtherValue})


Performs a read on a table expecting a global secondary index that accepts a limit and lastKey, which could be used to support pagination.

testDynamo.readPaginate({SOMEINDEX: SomeValue}, {limit: 10})
testDynamo.readPaginate({SOMEINDEX: SomeValue}, {limit: 25, lastKey: 'SomeKey'})


Performs a read on a table expecting a HASH / Value pair

testDynamo.getItemByHash({SOMEHASH: SomeValue})


Performs a read on a table expecting a global secondary index

testDynamo.getItemById({SOMEINDEX: SomeValue})


Calls batchGetItem using a Hash identifier

testDynamo.getItemsInArray('HASHNAME', [1,2,3,4])


Updates a row in the table by HASH / Value pair and JSON Object specifying new values

testDynamo.update({HASH: 'SomeValue'}, { /* update object */ })


Partial updates a row in the table by HASH / Value pair and JSON Object specifying new values

testDynamo.patch({HASH: 'SomeValue'}, { /* partial update object */ })


Deletes a row from the table by HASH / Value pair

testDynamo.delete({HASH: 'SomeValue'})


Extends the adapter to allow custom methods

testDynamo.extend('methodName', () => {

DevLab and Scripts

The system utilizes DevLab for running tasks in containers. The below tasks will
be executed in containers via lab {task-name}:

  • clean will remove the /node_modules, /build and /coverage directories
  • install will install dependencies
  • lint will lint all files in /src and /test
  • build will transpile ES2015 code in /src to /build
  • mocha will run all spec files in /test/src recursively
  • test will run both lint and cover
  • cover will run code coverage on all tests in /test/src recursively


Running lab mocha will run the tests.


Modli-DynamoDB is licensed under the MIT license. Please see LICENSE.txt for full details.


Modli-DynamoDB was designed and created at TechnologyAdvice.

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