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Isolated converted for TeX files using xelatex
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Docker container for LaTeX to PDF generation, using xelatex.

Forked from natlownes/docker-latex,
some credits go to the original author.

Github repo.


File to convert needs to be provided as first argument to docker run.

You need to mount volume to /tmp/currentjob in Docker; xelatex will be run
in that directory. I made it that way (rather than streaming *.tex files
to the bash script), because I keep my TeX files in a structure and there's
a lot of \includeing.

I usually mount current directory, like that:

docker pull modrzew/latex
docker run -v $(pwd):/tmp/currentjob modrzew/latex file.tex

As result, you'll get file.pdf in current directory.


Because I needed some custom fonts, I'm also running fc-cache before every
conversion. That's why you can simply add a volume to /root/.fonts with your
custom fonts, and they will be available for xelatex.

For example:

docker run -v $(pwd):/tmp/currentjob -v $HOME/.fonts:/root/.fonts modrzew/latex file.tex
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