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Dovecot server container with IMAP
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dovecot container for IMAP server.

How to build the container

docker build --tag=docker .

How to use the dovecot container with built IMAP

Command for running dovecot docker container:

docker run -it -e MYHOSTNAME=localhost -e DEBUG_MODE \
    -v $PASSWD=/etc/passwd --privileged \
    -v $SHADOW=/etc/shadow \

Environment variable DEBUG_MODE is used for debugging proposes
from Postfix and dovecot point of views.
If you want to share host users to container add -v $PASSWD and -v $SHADOW
parameters with --privileged parameter.

How to test the dovecot service

Command for testing Dovecot container with
is openssl.

Telnet has not to be used because of all
communication is encrypted from the beginning.

Testing dovecot service with openssl

openssl s_client -starttls imap -connect localhost:143
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