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Image for quickly dumping a mongo database to a tar file.
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Quick wrapper script for mongodump in the dockerfile/mongodb image that will
dump the mongo databases you mount.


Assuming you have a mongodb container running.

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                       COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                  NAMES
4e810d219a9c        dockerfile/python:latest    "python -m SimpleHTT   15 hours ago        Up 4 seconds                               app
56e6f5157d12        dockerfile/mongodb:latest   "mongod"               15 hours ago        Up 2 minutes        27017/tcp, 28017/tcp   app/db,mongodb

You can then run this image as a temporary container to dump the database.

$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/dump --link mongodb:dump

This will drop the backup in your current directory. From there you can do what you need with it.

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