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Discovery Service for My Own Enterprise Information Management
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The Docker image execution can be dove using the commands bellow.

docker run -p 8761:8761 moeim/discovery

As .jar file, you also pass the parameters defaultZones and password, but in this case the commands are:

  • MOEIM_DISCOVERY_URL - the default zones separated by comma.
  • MOEIM_USER - the user for discovery service node.
  • MOEIM_PASSWD - the password for discovery service node.

An example of moeim/discovery docker image execution with parameter can be observed below.

docker run -p 9761:8761 -e MOEIM_USER=moeim -e MOEIM_PASSWD=m031m -e MOEIM_DISCOVERY_URL=http://user:passwd@url-node1/eureka,http://user:passwd@url-node2/eureka moeim/discovery

Unless you change the password using the parameters MOEIM_USER and MOEIM_PASSWD, the default credential are:

  • User: moeim
  • Password: m031m
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