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American Fuzzy Lop with clang, qemu, triforce, and afl-dyninst support
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Ubuntu 16.04 x64 hosting American Fuzzy Lop with all the extras pre-built

American Fuzzy Lop w/ clang, qemu, dyninst, triforce support


AFL standard binaries are installed to /usr/local/bin
AFL qemu build is in /afl/qemu_mode
afl-dyninst is installed to /usr/local/*
Patched AFL binaries for TriforceAFL are in /TriforceAFL
TriforceLinuxSyscallFuzzer is configured for fuzzing current kernel image

afl-dyninst README:

afl-analyze  afl-clang-fast    afl-fuzz  afl-gotcpu   afl-tmin
afl-clang    afl-clang-fast++  afl-g++   afl-plot     afl-whatsup
afl-clang++  afl-cmin          afl-gcc   afl-showmap
afl-dyninst  afl-qemu-trace    afl-qemu-system-trace
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