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monasca-agent-base Dockerfile

This image contains a containerized version of the Monasca agent code. For more
information on the Monasca project, see the wiki.

Sources: monasca-agent · monasca-docker · Dockerfile


Images in this repository are tagged as follows:

  • latest: refers to the latest stable point release, e.g. 1.6.0
  • 1.6.0, 1.6, 1: standard semver tags, based on git tags in the
    official repository.
  • mitaka, newton, etc: named versions following OpenStack release names
    built from the tip of stable/RELEASENAME branches in the repository
  • master, master-DATESTAMP: unstable testing builds from the master branch,
    these may have features or enhancements not available in stable releases, but
    are not production-ready.

Note that features in this Dockerfile, particularly relating to Docker and
Kubernetes monitoring, require plugins that have not yet been officially
released or merged. Until this changes, only master images may be available.


It is designed only for use as a base docker image for other images that run
the monasca-agent processes in separate containters. See monasca-agent-forwarder
and monasca-agent-collector. This image can not be run by itself.


The images built using this image have their own configuration. See the README
for those images


[dbuild][6] can be used with the build.yml file to build and push the

To build the container from scratch using just docker commands, run:

docker build -t youruser/agent-base:latest .

A few build argument can be set:

  • AGENT_REPO: a git repository (http://, https://, or git://) with
    agent code to install
  • AGENT_BRANCH: a git refspec (not necessarily branch) to pull from. This can
    be a tagged point release (e.g. 1.6.0), an OpenStack release branch (e.g.
    stable/newton), a Gerrit patch ref (e.g. refs/changes/71/427271/10),
    or any other valid Git ref for the target repository.
  • REBULID: a simple method to invalidate the Docker image cache. Set to
    --build-arg REBUILD="$(date)" to force a full image rebuild.
  • HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY should be set as needed for your environment

If you'd like to build this image against an uncommitted working tree, consider
using git-sync to mirror your local tree to a temporary git repository.

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