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monasca-forwarder Dockerfile

This image has a containerized version of the Monasca Forwarder Engine which is not
an official part of the Monasca projects. For more information on the Monasca project,
see the wiki.

Sources: monasca-docker ยท Dockerfile


Images in this repository are tagged as follows:

  • latest: refers to the latest stable point release, e.g. 1.7.0
  • 1.0.0, 1.0, 1: standard semver tags based on git tags in the
    upstream repository
  • newton, ocata, etc: named versions following OpenStack release names
    built from the tip of stable/RELEASENAME branches in the repository
  • master, master-DATESTAMP: unstable testing builds from the master branch,
    these may have features or enhancements not available in stable releases, but
    are not production-ready.

Note that features in this Dockerfile, particularly relating to running in
Docker and Kubernetes environments, require code that has not yet been made
available in a tagged release. Until this changes, only master images may be
available and latest may point to master images.


The forwarder requires configured instances of Kafka,
Zookeeper, and the remote monasca-api. In environments resembling the official
docker-compose or Kubernetes environments, this image still requires
configuration, see below for required variables.

docker run monasca/forwarder:latest


Variable Default Description
DEBUG false If true, enable debug logging
VERBOSE true If true, enable info logging
KAFKA_URI kafka:9092 If true, disable remote root login
KAFKA_WAIT_FOR_TOPICS metrics Comma-separated list of topic names to check
KAFKA_WAIT_RETRIES 24 # of tries to verify Kafka availability
KAFKA_WAIT_DELAY 5 # seconds between retry attempts
ZOOKEEPER_URL zookeeper:2181 Zookeeper URL
MONASCA_PROJECT_ID unset Required: Project id to be used for authentication
METRIC_PROJECT_ID unset Optional remote project id for storing metrics
MONASCA_ROLE monasca-agent Role to be used for authentication
REMOTE_API_URL unset Required URL of the remote Monasca API
USE_INSECURE false If true, do not validate ssl hostname
METRICS_TO_FORWARD unset Required: yaml description of metrics to forward
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