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smoke-tests Dockerfile

This image runs smoke tests against a running instance of Monasca. It checks
the health and functionality of the install. It accomplishes this by running
through a series of small tests that ensure each component of Monasca is healthy.

These include:

  • Measurements are flowing through the system
  • Creation of an alarm-definition, notification-method and metric
  • Triggering of an Alarm and receipt of a webhook notification
  • Cleanup of Alarms, Alarm Definition and Notification

Sources: smoke-tests · Dockerfile · monasca-docker


Images in this repository are tagged as follows:

  • latest: refers to the latest stable point release, e.g. 1.0.0
  • 1.0.0, 1.0, 1: standard semver tags


This image requires a running instance of Monasca with access to Keystone
and the Monasca API.

The job is intended to be run only once like so, and requires no persistent

docker run --rm=true monasca/smoke-tests:latest

If needed, connection parameters can be provided via environment variables as
described below.


Variable Default Description
OS_PASSWORD password Password for Keystone User
OS_DOMAIN_NAME Default User Project Domain Name
OS_AUTH_URL http://keystone:35357/v3/ Keystone URL
OS_TENANT_NAME mini-mon User Project Name
OS_USERNAME mini-mon Keystone User Name
MONASCA_URL http://monasca-api:8070 Monasca API URL
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