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tempest-tests Dockerfile

This image contains a container that can be used to run the Tempest Monasca


The images in this repository follow a few tagging conventions:

  • latest: refers to the latest tempest-tests container


To run, this container needs to connect to a working Keystone and Monasca API.

To run in environments resembling the official Kubernetes environment see
the Monasca HELM charts.

In order to run in docker-compose add this section to docker-compose.yaml:

    image: monasca/tempest-tests:latest
        KEYSTONE_SERVER: "keystone"
        STAY_ALIVE_ON_FAILURE: "true"
        MONASCA_WAIT_FOR_API: "true"

Then run this:

docker-compose up -d tempest-tests

To run in Kubernetes using Helm, see the monasca/monasca-helm repository. There is a chart for this


Variable Default Description
MONASCA_WAIT_FOR_API If true, ensure Monasca API is available
MONASCA_API_WAIT_RETRIES 24 Retries for Monasca API available checks
MONASCA_API_WAIT_DELAY 5 Sleep time between Monasca API retries
OS_PASSWORD password Password for Keystone User
OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME Default User Project Domain Name
OS_PROJECT_NAME mini-mon User Project Name
OS_USERNAME mini-mon Keystone User Name
OS_TENANT_NAME mini-mon Keystone User Tenant(Project) Name
OS_DOMAIN_NAME Default Keystone User Domain Name
ALT_USERNAME mini-mon Alternate User Name
ALT_PASSWORD password Alternate User Password
AUTH_USE_SSL False Use https for keystone Auth URI
KEYSTONE_SERVER keystone Keystone Server Name
KEYSTONE_PORT 35357 Keystone Server Port
USE_DYNAMIC_CREDS True Whether to use recreate creds for tests
ADMIN_USERNAME mini-mon Keystone Admin Domain Name
ADMIN_PASSWORD password Keystone Admin Domain Name
ADMIN_DOMAIN_NAME Default Keystone Admin Domain Name
OSTESTR_REGEX monasca_tempest_tests Selects which tests to run
STAY_ALIVE_ON_FAILURE If true, container runs 2 hours after tests fail
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