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Official docker image for Mongoclient, featured mongodb management tool
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Nosqlclient (Formerly Mongoclient), MongoDB Management Tool

Cross-platform and self hosted, easy to use, MongoDB 3.4+ support and more features!

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docker pull mongoclient/mongoclient

To install latest stable release:

docker pull mongoclient/mongoclient:2.2.0

Then you can run it as a daemon:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 mongoclient/mongoclient

To set an external mongodb which is required for meteor to work, you can set MONGO_URL environment variable. Otherwise nosqlclient will install mongodb to container and use it.

To persist your connections and settings simply bind /data/db directory to your local machine as below.

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -v <your_path>:/data/db mongoclient/mongoclient



Please check history file for version information.


Nosqlclient is licensed under MIT for prior version 2.0.0, but for 2.0.0 and higher versions are licensed under AGPLv3.

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2 months ago

@Hi jermine,

thanks for your help, we're actually a small team mostly a single man on development, which tries to improve mongoclient on spare time, so we can't get enough time to handle all stuff around, we're open for all contributions as I mentioned, I tried alpine and couldn't make it work on my own.

Thanks & Cheers

2 months ago

Hi @mongoclinet,
I mean, to replace more settings like MONGOURL, you can refer to Postgresql images ( . And the base image may be replace by alpine will be smaller for images.

Thank you for your image, and I will continue to pay attention to it!

2 months ago

Hello @jermine,

what do you mean by reference params should be environment value ? Also contributions are always welcome, you can set up an alpine based image and we would love to accept this PR.


2 months ago

Reference params should be Enviroment value,this way will smarty for setting mongo management,Right?

2 months ago

No Alpine based image?

10 months ago


from now on you can install stable version 1.4.0 with command:

docker pull mongoclient/mongoclient:1.4.0

10 months ago


in the next release git tags will be tagged here as well and then you can easily pull version 1.4.0 which will be the next stable version. latest tag points master branch currently, and I'm trying to keep it stable as possible as I can.

Furthermore, please share what exact error do you get ?

a year ago

Please use tags, the latest build broke our deployment

a year ago

Would you consider using version number tags instead of (or at least in addition to the latest tag? so often the image tagged as latest is not really the latest. I think using the latest tag is a bad practice in general.

a year ago

Hi again,

I definitely understand what you mean, but Mongoclient uses meteor's embedded mongodb technology to make all of these configurations. Therefore there's no way to separate them as files, but there's a way to take this mongodb's dump. As soon as I get some free time I will implement a migration section for this :)

Thanks & Cheers