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MonicaHQ, the Personal Relationship Manager
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This is MonicaHQ, your personal memory! MonicaHQ is like a CRM but for the friends, family, and acquaintances around you. It lets you track things like:

  • Bob's kid turns 14 tomorrow
  • Amrita is allergic to walnuts
  • Huan owes you $10
  • The perfect pencil case for Aimée's birthday is online at ...


Download a copy of MonicaHQ's example configuration file:

$ curl > .env

Edit it:

  • Set APP_KEY to a random 32-character string. For example, if you have the pwgen utility installed, you could copy and paste the output of pwgen -s 32 1.
  • Edit the MAIL_* settings to point to your own mailserver.
  • Edit the DB_ settings to point to your database.

Run this image:

$ docker run --env-file .env -p 80:80 monicahq/monicahq

About tags

MonicaHQ doesn't currently have tagged releases. Tags correspond to the git commits that the images were built from.

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