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Beta storage image for Zabbix 3 XXL with 200+ community templates from GitHub Zabbix community repos
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Beta Docker storage image for Zabbix 3.0 XXL with 200+ community templates from GitHub Zabbix community repos, which are autoimported into your Zabbix.

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Overview of Monitoring Artist (dockerized) monitoring ecosystem:


Mount volumes from storage container and set XXL_api* env variables. For example:

docker run \
    -d \
    --name zabbix-ext-all-templates \

docker run \
    -d \
    --name zabbix-db \
    --env="MARIADB_USER=zabbix" \
    --env="MARIADB_PASS=my_password" \

docker run \
    -d \
    --name zabbix \
    -p 80:80 \
    -p 10051:10051 \
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
    --volumes-from zabbix-ext-all-templates \
    --link zabbix-db:zabbix.db \
    --env="ZS_DBHost=zabbix.db" \
    --env="ZS_DBUser=zabbix" \
    --env="ZS_DBPassword=my_password" \
    --env="XXL_zapix=true" \
    --env="XXL_grapher=true" \
    --env="XXL_apiuser=Admin" \
    --env="XXL_apipass=zabbix" \

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  • Which templates are available?

Only projects/templates, which are parseable by our dumb build script + they must pass CI testing - template import via API. Run Docker command for full list:

docker run --rm -ti  \
    monitoringartist/zabbix-ext-all-templates \
    find /etc/zabbix/api/zabbix-xxl-all-community-templates/ -name "*.xml"


Check Docker logs of Zabbix server - all API calls are logged. If you have any problem with template, please contact original author / open issue in original project (


Devops Monitoring Expert, who loves monitoring systems, which start with letter Z. Those are Zabbix and Zenoss.

Professional devops / monitoring services:

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