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Docker image (5MB), which distributes selected Zabbix monitoring templates: Docker, PostgreSQL, ...
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Overview of Monitoring Artist (dockerized) monitoring ecosystem:

List of available templates:

docker run --rm monitoringartist/zabbix-templates list

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Import selected template:

docker run --rm \
  -e XXL_apiurl= \
  -e XXL_apiuser=Admin \
  -e XXL_apipass=zabbix \
  monitoringartist/zabbix-templates \

Available environment variables

Environment variable Description
XXL_apiuri Zabbix API URL
XXL_apiuser Zabbix API username
XXL_apipass Zabbix API password

Cross compiled version monitoringartist/zabbix-templates:arm7 is available for Raspberry Pi and other ARM7 architectures.


Devops Monitoring Expert, who loves monitoring systems, which start with letter Z. Those are Zabbix and Zenoss.

Professional devops / monitoring services:

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