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subversion server on ubuntu 14.04
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A basic configuration of a subversion server with support for data

This image will initialize a basic configuration of subversion.

You can configure the following by providing environment variables
to docker run:

  • SVN_REPONAME sets the initial repository name. (e.g. if you provide repos
    here, you can access the initial repo at svn://<host>/repos)

For example, to start a container running svn,
with data stored in /data/svn on the host, use the following:

docker run -v /data/svn:/var/svn \
           -e SVN_REPONAME=repos \
           -d monkeydri/svn-docker

You can find out which port the LDAP server is bound to on the host by running
docker ps (or docker port <container_id> 3690). You could then verify svn connectivity so:

svn info svn://localhost:<host_port>/repos

NB: Please be aware that by default docker will make the svn port
accessible from anywhere if the host firewall is unconfigured.

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