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A simple blog system
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Remember: This is heavily Work-in-Progress and far from being a stable software.

This is a blog system I am currently developing. It is focused on simplicity and conventions over configuration. I recommend to proxy the service using NGINX or comparable software.


Getting started

You need to have Git and a working Go environment installed (v1.5+).

$ # download and install it from GitHub
$ go get
$ # reset your blog folder, starts the server
$ $GOPATH/bin/bloggy -reset -blog="example-blog"
$ # start the server without resetting the blog
$ $GOPATH/bin/bloggy -blog="example-blog"

Folder structure

├── config.json
├── pages
│   └──
├── posts
│   ├──
│   ├──
├── static
│   └── screenshot.png
└── templates
    ├── displays
    │   ├── error.html
    │   ├── index.html
    │   ├── page.html
    │   └── post.html
    └── includes
        └── base.html

The config.json file stores basic configuration options like the blog's name, host address etc.
The blog posts are stored in the posts folder. Every post file has to begin with a date representing the publishing date of the post. Every post file has to contain a header marked by ---. This header has to be in YAML.

Post example

title: Happy New Year!
subtitle: Ideas for 2016
date: 2015-Dec-31
slug: open-source-land
## Hello World from Open Source Land!

It is wonderful in here!

Page example

title: About me
slug: about

This is an about-me page.
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