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A dockerized instance of
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Source for This is a middleman-based static website.

built and deployed to S3 via SnapCI.

Adding a new implementation listing

To add a new Todo-Backend implementation:

  • [ ] edit data/implementations.yaml
  • [ ] add any new tags to data/impl_tags.yaml
  • [ ] and add logos to source/images/logos.

Running a local instance of the site from source

  • Make sure you have git submodules setup with git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Install required gems with bundle install
  • build the site with bundle exec rake build
  • run a dev server with bundle exec middleman

Running the site via docker

A dockerized version of the site is available on Docker Hub as moredip/todo-backend-site.

You can run the site within a container while still incorporating local changes:

docker run -p 4567:4567 -v "${PWD}/data:/opt/docker/data" -v "${PWD}/source:/opt/docker/source" moredip/todo-backend-site build serve

If you prefer Docker Compose there's a docker-compose.yml in the root of the source repo, so you can just do:

docker-compose run --service-ports site

and you'll have the site running on port 80 of your Docker host.

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