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Short Description
PokeGoNav is an open source project to map Pokémon spawn locations, Gyms and Pokéstops.
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PokeGoNav is an open source project to map Pokemon spawn locations, Gyms and Pokestops. It's intention is to help
Trainers see where certain types of pokemon spawn, and provide useful tools for Trainers in their search for specific
pokemon. There are many useful things an app like this can do, but for now it's just the basics.


  • Report pokemon you've captured (either at your current location, or by selecting one).
  • Filter reported locations to a specific type of Pokemon
  • View reported Gyms and Pokestops in your area. (Note: if none show up for you, it's because users haven't reported them.)


  • Ability to report Gyms and Pokestops directly in PokeGoNav.
  • Dedicated iOS and Android apps

That's all that's currently planned, but I have a lot of other ideas that I'm going to start looking into once the core
of the app is solid.


As of v0.9.0, the app is considered "Beta". I should work, but if any of the other Pokemon Go related apps are any
indication, this might get so populare it falls over and dies. I've also done very little to secure it, so if anyone
decides they want to 'poison the well' and report a million mews, there's nothing to stop them, right now, other thank
basic rate limiting.


If you want to get setup for local development, you will need to get a local RethinkDB instance setup.
After that, just follow these instructions:

Required packages

Install grunt-cli via npm install -g grunt-cli

Steps to run

npm install
bower install
node server.js

That's it! You should be able to drop capture points in order to build up some test data.

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