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Starbound dedicated server, where updating is abstracted so you can auth interactively
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This is a docker image of the dedicated server for Stardbound, using steam.

The difference between this docker image and others, is that you do not need to store your steam username, password and either disable steamguard or save a steamguard key. The downside is you need to manually update when needed.

Get the image

docker pull morgyn/starbound

Run the image

docker run --name starbound -p 21025:21025 -v /starbound:/root/starbound morgyn/starbound

Replace /root/starbound with where you wish to store your starbound installation.

The image contains nothing but the update script and the steamcmd. You will have to first run to download first

Run the update script while the image is running

docker exec -t -i starbound / <steam login id>

This script will prompt you to for your password, and if required steamguard, it will then perform the initial installation

If it fails or quits for some reason, you can just rerun to compelete

Successful completion of the installation, the container will stop

Configure your starbound server.

Edit your configuration in the installation directory you chose.

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Restart the docker image to start the server

docker run starbound


With the server still running, run the update script as above. It will quit the server, then begin the update. Like the initial installation, if the update fails or quits for some reason, just run again, it will stop the container when it is successful.

To run with the update, just start the docker image again as above.

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