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Minimal installation of DokuWiki based on Alpine Linux.
Full Description

This is a minimal docker image for DokuWiki. It is build from Alpine Linux for minimal size. No HTTP server is used, php is used to serve all content. This reduces the image size further, but the image does not support .htaccess files and other functionality. Most likely you want to run a reverse proxy with more functionality in front.

You can find the image on the Docker Hub and the sources on GitHub.

How to use

Notice If you want to modify the DokuWiki, use the tag onbuild instead of latest.

Create the files local.php, acl.auth.php and users.auth.php according to DokuWiki documentation. They will be added when you build your own image.

Create a Dockerfile in the same directory as your configuration files:

FROM moritanosuke/dokuwiki-docker:onbuild

Build the Dockerfile:

docker build -t yourname/dokuwiki .

Start your wiki:

docker run -d --name some-dokuwiki -p 8080:80 yourname/dokuwiki

Now you can access your dokuwiki at http://localhost:8080

Backup your data

To get a copy of your wiki data, run the following command when the dokuwiki container is up:

docker cp some-dokuwiki:/dokuwiki-data .

Restore your data

After you started a new dokuwiki container, you can restore your previous backup with the following command:

docker cp dokuwiki-data some-new-dokuwiki:/
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