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Swift on Ubuntu 14.04
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This is my first success at getting Swift running on Ubuntu. There were several tries, both on Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.10. I finally had success by following the steps on this site:


  1. You MUST run --privileged=true in order for Swift to run. Example

    "docker run -i -t --privileged=true mountwe/swift-ubuntu:version1"

  2. You will want to set the PATH once you are in the container. I set the PATH before I committed the image but for some reason it did not take.

    "export PATH=/path/to/swift/usr/bin/:$PATH"

    I will correct this in a future commit.

  3. Also - - - there is no editor in this commit. You can add one of your choice. I picked "nano" because it is easy to use and relatively light-weight.

    "sudo apt-get install nano"

    This too will be corrected in the next commit.

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