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Fetches movies from
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MovieCast API

Fetches movies from

Before explaining anything we like to mention that if you are running the MovieCast API in a production environment, we highly recommend using Nginx as a reverse proxy.


There are two ways to use this api, either by building it yourself, or by using Docker


For normal use you will have to follow a couple steps to build the project.

npm install -g gulp
npm install
gulp build

After this you will have to configure the api by checking out the #Configuration section below.
When you are done with the configuration of the api, simply run npm start or node dist.


For using docker you can just run the following commands:

docker pull moviecast/api
docker run -it -d -p 8000:8000 -e MONGO_URL='the connection url for mongodb' \
-e TRAKT_API_KEY='trakt key goes here' moviecast/api

To see which environment variables you can set, checkout configuration.


See configuration, but first check out the simple guide below.

There are 2 ways to configure the api, lets start with the most straight forward one:

A config file

Create a config.json in the root of this repo (So where the file is also located) and add the following content:

    "mongo_url": "something like: mongodb://localhost/moviecast-api",
    "apis": {
        "trakt": {
            "key": "Your client id"

don't forget to fill in the correct information.

Environment variables

When using this method you have to atleast set the following variables:

  • MONGO_URL="something like: mongodb://localhost/moviecast-api"
  • TRAKT_API_KEY="Your client id"
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