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This is the official repository for the website.

Local Setup

  1. Install composer:
  2. Install bower:
  3. Run php composer.phar install
  4. Start server: php app/console server:run

API Keys

For the Mozillian faces you need a mozillians API key. You can generate one here. Set the key as the value for mozillians.api_key in app/config/parameters.yml (doesn't exist in the repo, it's generated with composer). Alternatively you can set the environment variable MOZILLIANS_KEY.

All other used APIs don't need a key for the used scopes.

Docker Container

Building the Docker Container

Make sure you have docker installed.

Run docker build -t mozillach/ . to build the docker container.

Releasing a New Docker Container

The deployed docker container is based on the release branch and built directly on docker hub. To release this container to the productive website, contact the Community IT team for now (#communityit on

Running the Container

Replace {mozillians API key} with a mozillians API key for the v2 API with public access privileges. See API Keys for how to get one.

Run docker run -e MOZILLIANS_KEY={mozillians API key} mozillach/ to start provisioning and then start apache.

To run it in a deployment situation use docker run -h -p 80:80 -d -e "MOZILLAINS_KEY={mozillians API key}" mozillach/ The container should not be directly exposed to incoming connections, since it respects forwarded headers by default.

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