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Centos7 systemd enabled and httpd installed
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For this docker image please run this command below:
But this command doesn't work on Mac OSx because could not find "/sys/fs/cgroup" folder

docker run --privileged -e TZ=Europe/Istanbul -e http_proxy -e https_proxy -e HTTP_PROXY=$http_proxy -e "container=docker" --name newcentoshttpd -d -ti -p 80:80 -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro mozmut/centos7-systemd-httpd /usr/sbin/init

-e TZ=Europe/Istanbul : This enviroment is for timezone
-e http_proxy -e https_proxy -e HTTP_PROXY=$http_proxy : These environment are for proxy if you are behind of a proxy server
--name newcentoshttpd : Do not forget to give a name for your container
-p 80:80 : Assign 80 port. But you should stop service which runs from 80 port from main machine

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