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Internal photography order management web application
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Bizwiz is the order management software used by In order to instantiate, run the image and map the following customization points:

  • Port: Container exposes HTTPS port 443.
  • Mount: Container folder /app/bizwiz/data should be mounted. It is expected to contain:
    • db.sqlite3, the bizwiz database. The container will migrate the DB schema on startup, which includes creating an empty database if none is available. Note that a new database does not have any users or admins yet, so you need to run python createsuperuser (see django docs) from within the container to really start using it from scratch. If the database is already there, it will just be migrated, keeping all content in place.
    • bizwiz.key & bizwiz.cert, private key and server certificate for HTTPS encryption.

The data folder will also get a few log files when running the container:

  • bizwiz.log
  • gunicorn-access.log
  • gunicorn-error.log

gunicorn is the used Python WSGI server.

You can change the log levels by assigning DEBUG, INFO, WARNING or ERROR to the following environment variables during container execution:

  • DJANGO_LOG_LEVEL (default: INFO)


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