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Newspaper for your team
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TeamLogger, Django application

Team Newspaper: This tool enhance the spread of valuable work or infos about a projet.
TeamLogger focus on teamspirit and stress the importance of sharing between team members in order to keep a high
level of transparency.

Run the app

First, clone the repo with dependencies (recursive for jquery, milky-css and select2 submodules):

git clone --recursive

Run locally

No configuration needed, just run the following commands :

# get requirements with node
npm i
npm build

# get requirements with pip
pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

# set required env variables
export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=teamlogger.settings.development
export APP_SECRET=MySecretKey

# run the server
./ runserver

:warning: TeamLogger require Python >= 3.4

Build and run with docker

TeamLogger can be launched with Docker, see the wiki page.


You can change the configuration by setting environment variables. All parameters are optional.

Application settings

More informations in the wiki page.

Database settings

TeamLogger can use SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle as database.

Set the DATABASE_URL environement variable with an url like:


More informations in the wiki page.

Email settings

To allow email sending, you can set the EMAIL_URL environement variable as below:


More informations in the wiki page.

LDAP Authentication Connection

LDAP authentication can be used by setting the LDAP_URL.
If you enable LDAP auth. you will always able to use database stored users.

Example of LDAP_URL:


More informations in the wiki page.


Copyright (C) 2018 Maxence PAPILLON
TeamLogger is under GPLv3. See the LICENCE file to know more.

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