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Onionscan in a container.
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OnionScan in a Docker container
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The purpose of this tool is to make you a better onion service provider. You owe it to yourself and your users to ensure that attackers cannot easily exploit and deanonymize.

Run the container like so:

docker run -d --cap-drop=all --name onionscan mpatton/onionscan

This will startup the Tor connection and allow you to do the following:

docker exec -it onionscan onionscan <options> <onion address>

See for further information.

Note: Run the following to make sure Tor has fully started, prior to running your scan:

docker logs -f onionscan

For a bash function to automate the process of pulling and starting the onionscan daemon container add the following to your .bashrc:

function onionscan(){
    onionscanrunning=$(docker inspect --format "{{.State.Running}}" onionscan 2>/dev/null)
    if [ "$onionscanrunning" == "true" ]
        docker exec -it onionscan onionscan $@
        docker rm $(docker ps -a | grep "onionscan" | cut -d " " -f1)
        docker run -d --cap-drop=all --name onionscan mpatton/onionscan
        docker exec -it onionscan onionscan $@

Using the above function will allow you to run onionscan as if it were installed natively. Now you can simply use the following syntax in a terminal:

onionscan <options> <onion address>
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