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Short Description
Sends alerts via Mailgun when conkie-stats reports dangerous RAM, disk, or temperature values.
Full Description


Sends alerts via Mailgun when conkie-stats reports dangerous hardware stats.


All are required:

  • MAILGUN_API_KEY e.g. key-randomfj2930fj3jpjawf903
  • SEND_EMAILS_FROM e.g. Your Trusty Server
  • SEND_EMAILS_TO e.g. Admin
  • MIN_MESSAGE_INTERVAL Minimum amount of time in minutes after sending a warning or danger message to then send a recovery message for the same stat. Intended to prevent lots of emails when a stat wavers back and forth around a threshold. Recommended: 60.
  • MEMORY_WARN 0-1 % of total RAM + swap use over which to warn
  • MEMORY_DANGER more severe warning
  • DISK_WARN 0-1 % of disk use (for any volume) over which to warn
  • DISK_DANGER more severe warning
  • TEMP_WARN temperature in Celsius over which to warn
  • TEMP_DANGER more severe warning
  • POLL_FREQ Interval in ms at which conkie-stats checks for new stats


Contributions are welcome. A minimal approach was taken, but if you wish to use this and also wish to have more functionality or customization than currently exists, I'd love to pull your additions.

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