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Container running DokuWiki with nice URLs and xsendfile enabled, also includes LDAP support.
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DokuWiki docker container

To run image:

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name my_wiki mprasil/dokuwiki 

You can now visit the install page to configure your new DokuWiki wiki.

For example, if you are running container locally, you can acces the page
in browser by going to

Run with bind mounts

The run command above will store your data in internal Docker volumes. If you prefer to bind mount directories on your file system, then you can use the -v parameter, for example:

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name my_wiki \
    -v /data/docker/dokuwiki/data:/dokuwiki/data \
    -v /data/docker/dokuwiki/conf:/dokuwiki/conf \
    -v /data/docker/dokuwiki/lib/plugins:/dokuwiki/lib/plugins \
    -v /data/docker/dokuwiki/lib/tpl:/dokuwiki/lib/tpl \
    -v /data/docker/dokuwiki/logs:/var/log \

Run a specific version

When running the container you can specify version to download from docker registry by using couple provided tags like stable which contains current stable release (this is generaly the same as latest) or oldstable. You can also use specific version like 2016-06-26a.

To upate the image:

With internal volumes

First stop your container

docker stop my_wiki

Then run new container just to hold the volumes

docker run --volumes-from my_wiki --name my_wiki_data busybox true

Now you can remove old container

docker rm my_wiki

..and run a new one (you built, pulled before)

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name my_wiki --volumes-from my_wiki_data mprasil/dokuwiki 

afterwards you can remove data container if you want

docker rm my_wiki_data

(or keep it for next update, takes no space anyway..)

With bind mounts

Just stop the old container and run the new one with the same -v mapping. Since the data is on your file system, you do not need to do anything special to preserve it between containers.

Handling changes in bundled files inside volumes

Note: The functionality bellow is currently only supported in latest, stable-bind and 2017-02-19e-bind tags. This is to preserve original functionality in old images. Future releases will all support the new update system.

If you mount a volume that has previously been used with a newer version of DokuWiki than that installed in the current contaier, the newer files will not be overwritten by those bundled with the current (older) version of DokuWiki. If you want to force a downgrade (at your own risk!), run the container with the downgrade command:

docker run ... mprasil/dokuwiki donwgrade

Additionally, if you make any changes to the files bundled with DokuWiki that are located in your volumes, these can be restored to the original version using the overwrite command:

docker run ... mprasil/dokuwiki overwrite

Optimizing your wiki

Lighttpd configuration also includes rewrites, so you can enable
nice URLs in settings (Advanced -> Nice URLs, set to ".htaccess")

For better performance enable xsendfile in settings.
Set to proprietary lighttpd header (for lighttpd < 1.5)

Build your own

docker build -t my_dokuwiki .
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