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IRC Client

This is a container based IRC client setup.

What we are currently using:

  • tmux for terminal multiplexing
  • irssi as client


We use docker to make the setup simpler, so you will not have to install all the dependencies manually.

All you have to do is:

sudo usermod -aG docker <your_user>
docker pull mribeiro/irc

or build locally using this repo (which is way much cooler):

make build-image


You can use the simple script that we have provided:

./ <nick> <server>

# To connect as mmr into
./ mmr

Or you can run the container by hand, just like you would run the irssi command.


# Show irssi help
docker run -i --rm mribeiro/irc --help

# Connect to freenode as mmr
docker run -i --rm mribeiro/irc -n mmr -c
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