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ttyd docker
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ttyd - Share your terminal over the web

ttyd is a simple command-line tool for sharing terminal over the web, inspired by GoTTY.


  • Build on libwebsockets with C for speed
  • Full terminal emulation based on hterm
  • SSL support based on OpenSSL
  • Run any custom command with options
  • Basic authentication support
  • Cross platform: macOS, Linux, OpenWrt/LEDE


Install on macOS

Install with homebrew:

brew install ttyd

Install on Linux

Ubuntu 16.04 as example:

sudo apt-get install cmake g++ pkg-config git vim-common libwebsockets-dev libjson-c-dev libssl-dev
git clone
cd ttyd && mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make && make install

NOTE: You may need to compile libwebsockets from source for ubuntu versions old than 16.04, since they have outdated libwebsockets-dev package (Issue #6).

Install on OpenWrt/LEDE

opkg install ttyd

NOTE: This may only works for LEDE snapshots currently, if the install command fails, compile it yourself.


ttyd is a tool for sharing terminal over the web

    ttyd [options] <command> [<arguments...>]


    --port, -p              Port to listen (default: 7681)
    --interface, -i         Network interface to bind
    --credential, -c        Credential for Basic Authentication (format: username:password)
    --uid, -u               User id to run with
    --gid, -g               Group id to run with
    --signal, -s            Signal to send to the command when exit it (default: SIGHUP)
    --reconnect, -r         Time to reconnect for the client in seconds (default: 10)
    --readonly, -R          Do not allow clients to write to the TTY
    --client-option, -t     Send option to client (format: key=value), repeat to add more options
    --check-origin, -O      Do not allow websocket connection from different origin
    --once, -o              Accept only one client and exit on disconnection
    --ssl, -S               Enable ssl
    --ssl-cert, -C          Ssl certificate file path
    --ssl-key, -K           Ssl key file path
    --ssl-ca, -A            Ssl ca file path
    --debug, -d             Set log level (0-9, default: 7)
    --version, -v           Print the version and exit
    --help, -h              Print this text and exit

ttyd starts web server at port 7681 by default, the command will be started with arguments as options. For example, run:

ttyd bash

Then open http://localhost:7681, now you can see and control the bash console on your web broswer! :tada:

TIP: You may replace bash with login to get a login prompt first.


  • GoTTY: ttyd is a port of GoTTY to C language.
  • hterm: ttyd uses hterm to run a terminal emulator on the web.
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