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Simple docker image for running the awesomeness that is Blurrily as a container.

Note: This fork is the UUID based version, see mrmattwright/docker-blurrily for the docker of the original integer based version.

Note: Support restricted to UUID v4, beginning with a non-zero (Line 66 in uuid.parse seems to be at fault?).

Welcome to the future. Go install docker. Docker MacOS Instructions

You read them right? Ok, I know you didn't but let's just go for it...

boot2docker init

or if you have power:

boot2docker init --memory=4096

One time. Then:

boot2docker start

then this guy:

$(boot2docker shellinit)

Start blurrily as a docker container?

docker run  --env DOCKER_HOST=$DOCKER_HOST --env DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY=$DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY --env DOCKER_CERT_PATH=/docker/cert -v $DOCKER_CERT_PATH:/docker/cert -p "12021:12021" -ti -d mrmattwright/docker-blurrily blurrily

Now to avoid port forwarding hell we will just look for the docker host:


take the IP address and then use that to connect to blurrily:

irb -rubygems
> require 'blurrily/client'
> config = { :host => "", :port => "12021"}
> client =

Store a needle with a reference:

> client.put('London', '10000000-0000-4000-A000-000000001337')

Recover a reference from the haystack:

> client.find('lonndon')
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